The A-PRO project is aimed at providing professional services – recruitment, outstaffing, outsourcing, career consulting to the AIFC ecosystem and the external market, as well as creating jobs by hiring specialists. One of the main advantages of the project is the AIFC Reserve Pool, which has more than 13,000 candidates, fully complying with recent trends and market requirements.


The main goal is to promote and popularise the professional services of A-PRO through a PR-company, as well as through a multifunctional platform that will facilitate communication with clients and increase the existing talent pool.

Integrating with the AIFC ecosystem, A-PRO broadcasts professional services to both domestic and foreign markets (recruitment, outstaffing, outsourcing, career consulting). The process of providing services is accelerated owing to the AIFC Reserve Pool, each candidate of which is ready for employment and meets international standards:

-          relevant work experience

-          higher education

-          advanced proficiency in English

Target audience of the project: companies, enterprises, private and corporate business, individuals.