BCPD Ltd. together with QazTrade Academy held the first business workshop "Smart Export"
BCPD Ltd. together with QazTrade Academy held the first business workshop "Smart Export"
03 November 2021 00:00:00

BCPD Ltd. and QazTrade Academy, with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Integration, held the first business workshop “Smart Export” aimed at increasing the competence of domestic companies in export activities.

 As part of the workshop, an 8-day online training course was held on the skills of conducting export activities, which includes the development and implementation of negotiation strategies in the B2B market, the organization of exports to the PRC, and also covers the integration processes of the WTO and the EAEU, features of protecting the rights of owners to intellectual property and much more.

The project is of particular importance for increasing the country's export potential and developing the human capital of domestic exporting companies. The webinar trainers were 23 international and local experts from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Kazakhstan. In total, the business workshop was attended by over 900 participants from over 400 exporting companies.

Over the years of independence, we, as a country, have achieved a lot, but you will probably all agree that we still have a huge potential in our country, especially export. So how can we translate the export potential into financial capital for our country? For a long time now, all countries are not just developing commodity markets, but are focusing on the development of human capital. It is the development of human capital that allows these countries and can allow our country to increase our export earnings", - noted during the seminar Yernur Rysmagambetov, CEO of the AIFC Authority.

Azamat Askaruly, General Director of QazTrade JSC:

Today, both external and internal conditions for the functioning of organizations are changing very quickly, which puts most companies in front of the need to prepare personnel for work in different conditions. Today's specialists must demonstrate not only good professional training, but also fully comply with the requirements of modern reality. Our educational program was created taking into account the requests of exporters and includes the most pressing issues of conducting export activities."

Saken Shayakhmetov, Deputy Akim of Pavlodar region:

It is necessary to constantly improve its competencies and skills, business must be receptive to all these changes and be ready for the current conditions of foreign trade. As for the exporters of our region, we can note their activity and participation in the Smart Export business workshop,

QazTrade Academy representatives noted that an educational platform with video tutorials will be launched in the near future, including video and educational materials of the Smart Export business workshop. With the help of this platform, the exporter at a convenient time will be able to undergo training on any topic of interest.


Reference Information:

The International Financial Center "Astana" was created on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev within the framework of the Plan of the Nation “100 Steps to Implement Five Institutional Reforms”. On July 2, 2020, within the framework of the meeting of the AIFC Management Council, the Development Strategy of the Center until 2025 was adopted.

In accordance with it, the vision of the AIFC is to become a leading international financial center in the region, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, the EAEU countries, Western China, Mongolia and Eastern Europe. The mission of the AIFC is to promote sustainable long-term development of the region. As the Head of State K. Tokayev noted, "The AIFC with its unique capabilities can act as a universal platform connecting the countries of the region." Strategic directions for sustainable development of the AIFC include the development of a circular economy, financial technology and a "digital financial center". https://aifc.kz/

BCPD Ltd. specializes in preparation for international professional certifications, using the world's best practices in the field of continuous professional development, in order to expand human resources and the formation of a pool of international level professionals from local specialists to work in the AIFC ecosystem and on the open market.

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