BCPD school QWANT has launched the first online program for Software Engineers in Kazakhstan
BCPD school QWANT has launched the first online program for Software Engineers in Kazakhstan
15 April 2020 13:03:49

The first educational program for training professional Software Engineers has started at the BCPD QWANT online school. The school aims to train professional developers of client and server software for Kazakhstani market of digital products.

The entire educational process is organized using the industry leading digital platform - QWASAR Silicon Valley, which combines experience of programming schools in Europe and the USA, helps to cover the maximum number of candidates with digital knowledge.

Through the website www.qwant.kz, more than 2500 applications were submitted. Of these, 2,394 candidates were admitted to the qualification test at the independent Hackerrank platform, 417 successfully passed the two-stage selection stage and will be authorized to undergo training before the end of April on the partner platform of QWASAR Silicon Valley USA.

There are no teachers, lectures, or grades in QWANT. The learning process is structured in such a way that genuine work environment is created, and program participants can train their skills daily, solving real-life cases on their own and in groups. The six-month intensive is designed both for training market professionals and for raising IT talents. It is based on the principles of "active learning", project management, gamification and role-play with a deep immersion in programming languages. Each participant is evaluated and trained using a fully automated system through a cloud interface.

Candidates for QWANT certification will develop skills in the following areas: applied programming interface, artificial intelligence, web infrastructure, machine learning, mobile applications. In addition to the unique content, QWANT also has a mentoring and career development program. Industry experts will provide comprehensive support to program participants, including employment opportunities following the successful completion of the program through the AIFC BCPD.

In the future, QWANT involves a significant expansion of the proposed training programs, the launch of courses for beginner programmers as well as for managers in the field of digitalization and IT. The next short-term program for IT skills development is scheduled for May.


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Merey Makhanova, +77017770418, [email protected]


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AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD) specializes in preparing for international professional certifications using the best international practices in the field of professional development in order to expand human resources and form a pool of international-level professionals from local specialists to work in the AIFC eco-system and in the open market.

QWASAR Silicon Valley is an innovative cloud-based learning platform focused on training future professionals for the digital world. It's on a mission to train millions for the digital economy and to make education accessible. It’s software engineering program is one of the leading, in-depth programs and the first that’s truly designed for the 21st-century and digital economy. 

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